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    Pilar de la Horadada,Alicante,03190

  • Overview: "el retiro residential set" We present a Luxury Residential within the reach of all, in this residential we have worked to offer the quality that supports us, without forgetting the current design and adjusted the prices to offer very affordable homes. The group has a total of 36 homes, among which you can choose the ground floor with private garden or upstairs with solarium. The residential has numbered parking spaces available to anyone who requests it, as well as swimming pool and community green areas. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us! Quality memories: foundation according to the results obtained from the geotechnical study of the plot, a system of Reinforced concrete foundation by means of insulated braces isolated from each other for a better anti-seismic behavior, in accordance with the current regulations. Structure it is executed of reinforced concrete by means of framework of pillars and support beams of the unidirectional floor and / or bidirectional The floors of ground floors are resolved by unidirectional sanitary forging with a chamber ventilated for an optimal isolation of the land, in accordance with the Regulations in force. Cover the covers are flat inverted type with extruded polystyrene and / or hydrophobic expanded insulation guaranteeing the best health, hygrothermal, acoustic and waterproof conditions offered by the modern construction systems with high energy efficiency. Being the configuration covers passable with a non-slip pavement finish; and non-passable decks finished by gravel washed. Facade it is resolved by safeguarding the traditional Mediterranean aesthetic, adapting it to the best hygrothermal and acoustic conditions offered by modern high efficiency building systems energetic The façade is solved by the combination of hydrofuged monolayer mortar and mortar natural stone, being the composition of the double leaf enclosure formed by exterior brick wall ceramic, internal plastering with cement mortar on which a first insulation panel is attached acoustic expanded polystyrene foam, inner sheet resolved by backing formed by a Structure of galvanized sheet steel profiles based on 400 mm Separate uprights, channels with Mineral wool insulation with vapor barrier, on which is placed pladur plate or similar of 13 mm. Of thickness with quality of completion Level 1 (Q1) for finishing of tiling, etc ..., or quality of Completion Level 2 (Q2) for painting completions. The railings of terraces not finished by factory walls, will be resolved with the combination of Laminated safety glasses and stainless steel supports. Interior divisions and between housing the interior divisions are resolved by means of partitions formed by a type laminated plasterboard pladur or similar, 13 mm. Of thickness, on each side of a galvanized steel structure, based on Uprights (vertical elements), separated between axes 400 mm. And channels (horizontal elements), giving a total partition width of 76 mm., with termination quality Level 1 (Q1) for terminations of tiling, etc ..., or finish quality Level 2 (Q2) for paint finishes, with soul insulation of Mineral Wool. The divisions between dwellings are resolved with ceramic brick, on which is attached to each of the faces of this, a galvanized steel structure, based on pladur Uprights or similar (elements vertical), separated between 400 channels (horizontal elements), on which are screwed a laminated plasterboard type pladur or similar of 13 mm. Thick, with finishing quality Level 1 (Q1) for tiling completions, etc ..., or finish quality Level 2 (Q2) for paint finishes, both souls of the double structure have thermal acoustic insulation with mineral wool or similar that guarantee optimal thermo-acoustic insulation. Wood carpentry the interior carpentry is smooth in white lacquered DM with horizontal grooves and 7cm flashing lacquered in white, with system of rubber gaskets and magnetic handle, cranks of 1st quality steel finish gloss or similar. The cabinets are in harmony with the woodwork, with sliding doors from floor to ceiling in DM lacquered in white, with a closet interior in white melanin, with shelf, trunk and hanging rail. Exterior carpentry, blinds and glasses the exterior carpentry will be of the sliding and collapsible type of PVC foliate silver gray finish or similar to D.F. Of the work, with double safety glass with dehydrated chamber type Climalit or similar, 4.4 / 10/6 mm; 3.3 / 12/4 mm according to dimensions and types. The blinds in all the rooms will be PVC slats in color to match the exterior carpentry of PVC, with thermal acoustic insulation tiling in bathrooms, combinations of 1st quality porcelain tiles. Pavements pavements of 1st quality porcelain pieces are placed in the whole house, being placed in the base composition of the floors insulation of extruded polystyrene that guarantees the thermoacoustic properties offered by modern construction systems with high energy efficiency. Porcelain tiles of 1st quality are placed on terraces with anti-slip properties. Plumbing, sanitation, ventilation, sanitary appliances and faucets interior installation in housing with polypropylene pipe in accordance with current regulations. Sanitary devices of the brand Ideal Standard or similar, single-lever taps tres serie cuadro brand or similar, white suspended washbasin cabinet and another white and walnut bathroom, 60x45x45 or similar + encimera of Gel Coat white or similar; shower trays in acrylic material. The production of domestic hot water is solved by aerotermo, model nuos evo 110, ariston or similar. The ventilation of the whole house, including kitchen and bathrooms, is solved in a controlled mechanical way. The installation of forced extraction ducts and the installation of a ventilation GROUP SELF-regulators, ozeo flat auto series or similar according to the Technical Code of the Edification. The houses will carry a water point located in the solarium and gardens. Electricity degree of electrification according to low voltage electrotechnical regulation. Mechanisms 1st quality color, brand "Simon" or similar. Telephone and television sockets in all bedrooms and living room. Painting the interiors will be resolved by plastic paint with smooth texture, color NCS S-0500-N, or similar interior and horizontal vertical walls of plaster or plaster. On the interior carpentry, lacquered in white. Air conditioning pre-installation of air conditioning and system pre-installation by zones (cold heat), in the living room and bedrooms, resolved by isolated fiberglass ducts. False ceilings the roofs are resolved by a double structure of profiles type pladur or similar, made of sheet steel Galvanized, installed at two levels, through a primary structure is composed of Profiles continuous modulated every 1100 mm. And a second structure formed by coupled profiles perpendicular to the lower part of the primary structure support of the laminated plasterboard type pladur or similar, type N of 13mm thickness, finished with finishing quality Level 2 (Q2) for paint finishes or finishing quality Level 3 (Q3) for finishes of high quality finishes smooth and of little thickness. In bathrooms that house facilities, detachable semiperforated plaster plates will be placed on profile view of steel or aluminum. Kitchen kitchen furniture of high quality, design and capacity with finishing of doors with high MDF structure features finished in white matt silk or similar, with integrated handles finished with the same material, the modules that form the kitchen cabinets will be made of melamine panels finished in white or Similary. The countertop will be made of quartz powder, Compac, Silestone or similar and a sink with a white fiber core or Similary. Gardens for privative use: They will be finished by means of a layer of vegetal earth, facilitating to the client his maintenance and freedom in the design and aesthetic process of the garden. Internal urbanization and community private swimming pool interior closed urbanization with accesses and internal circulations that communicate these with the houses and with the different common areas and parking. The vials are resolved by concrete pavement printed, equipped with lighting for energy-saving and / or LED-type lamps, with green areas, children's game and areas of stay. Community green areas, with grass plantation, trees and native plantation, designed by specialist in gardening, with systems of automatic irrigations by sprinklers and drip. Pool area with access control with night lighting with adult and child pool independent, with integrated Jacuzzi and showers, hammocks and beach area to enjoy the bathroom and the sun, green areas and chill out equipped with sail-type parasol. Note: All the homes of the residential have Decenal Guarantee of Damage Insurance for the fundamental work in compliance with Law 38/99 of November 5 on the Regulation of Building (LOE). In the opinion of the Facultative Management of the Work, the aforementioned materials may be replaced by others of similar characteristics or superior quality..

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