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Help for property finders

Buy or rent a property

Via the home page you can find properties using the search-bar. Enter the city where you are looking for and the system creates a match. Choose between properties for sale, long-term rentals or holiday lets. On the following page you find all the property results. From the result page a more specific search is possible using filters such as property type and price range. Start your search : AND FIND YOUR DREAM HOME

Advanced mapping

On the property result page you will see (placed on the right in desktop device) a map of the area where you searched for, including the properties published per Geo location. If you already know in which part of a city you want to buy or rent, use advanced mapping for faster and easier results. Zoom in, click on a property and get redirected. For mobile device click on the red Google map icon. The mapping has several functions to offer, such as; a click and direct go to the property or a walk through the area via Google street view.

Making an enquiry

If you want to receive more information about a property, fill in your details and send an enquiry directly to the advertiser. All communication will be between you and the advertiser.

Safe time and use "Wanted"

If you want to safe time searching all over the internet for properties and wait for response from advertisers, than use our "Wanted" form. The Wanted application you find in our header page. Fill in your details and let the receivers know what you are looking for. All advertisers listed in that particular area/city will receive your request. This is the fastest way to get independent and multiple offers. Give it a try and use the: WANTED NOW

The best bargains on the market?

In Featured Properties you find the best offers from all advertisers. Are you looking for a bargain, a bank repo or just a good investment than start your search here for HOT PROPERTY DEALS

Assistance for advertisers

Your dashboard

Ones you are signed up and logged in you can control and manage all your listings from your dashboard. Below you find all features from your personal dashboard.

My profile

In "my profile" you can manage your personal or company profile. Edit all the important information about your company or from you as a private seller. Don't forget to upload your profile photo or your company logo, as property finders like to see with who they are dealing with.


All enquiries you receive from other agents or signed up clients are published in your dashboard's in-box. Meanwhile we send a copy from all enquiries to your mail box. From your dashboards inbox you can continue the conversation via instant chat or you respond to the enquiry via e-mail.

My listing

You can upload, manage and edit your listings manually or via XML uploading. If you want to upload properties manually, go to "My Listing" and click on "List Your Properties". As a registered agent or official company you can upload properties for sale, holidays or for rent. Private advertisers can only upload properties for sale or long term rent. Fill in all the relevant property information, upload high quality images, add a video and publish your property. XML uploading: Go to your dashboard "my listings" and "upload XML". Copy paste your XML feed (we accept V3.0 feeds including latitudes and longitudes) and upload the feed. What to do if your XML feed won't upload? There are two possibilities; your feed loads but (some) properties are published as inactive, or your feed don't load at all. If your feed loads and some properties are inactive, you can edit missing information manually (in most cases this will be the addressing). If your feed don't load at all, your format is not matching our standards. No worries, download our XML format HERE , share our restrictions with your ICT department to adjust and convert your feed into our values and try to upload it again. If you want us to convert your feed we charge an initial fee of 25 euro. Featured properties: Within every subscription plan we offer a certain amount of featured properties. Let us know which properties you want to highlight. Featured properties we give an extra boost via on-page and off-page seo. We write blogs about your featured properties and guaranty hundreds of views. Read HERE ON-PAGE SEO TIPS and how it can improve your ranking.


Before uploading properties you need to choose a membership plan. For first time advertisers, we offer 3 months free trial. During the 3 months free trial we guaranty you leads, enquiries, wanted or collaboration requests. If you haven't received any leads during this time, we will extend your trial pack with another month until you start receiving enquiries. After your free trial expired and you received leads you can upgrade your membership to a pack that suits your needs and budget. We offer advertising possibilities Bronze, Silver (which includes of off-page SEO) and Gold (which includes off-page SEO, advertising in magazines, exhibitions and no leads money back guaranty). Within every subscription plans you can choose a sub-pack with the amount of properties you would like to advert with. Check here all our: ADVERTISING PACKAGES You can pay your subscription plan online via Paypal, Creditcard or we send you an invoice and you pay via a bank transfer.

Membership history

In "membership history" you can download, safe and print all your invoices.


In statistics you find all important information about the click-rates from your listings. Find out how many times your properties have been viewed, how many enquiries, wanted forms or collaboration alerts you received in a certain period. We publish the statistics per month, but you are also able to go back in time and compare how you did in different periods.


Our networking program is available for agents, private sellers, property finders and affiliates, banks or investors. The platform is customised to create endless business opportunities, find collaborators and connect with our database of more than 150.000 property finders interesting to invest in Spain.

Find collaborators & instant chat

In "find collaborators" you can find professional agencies and private advertisers. If you are looking for an estate company in Madrid, just search for Madrid and the system will show you all agencies or advertisers listed in Madrid. Open company profile pages, check their reviews, their offers or get in direct contact via instant chat.

My message & instant chat

Every message you received via networking you can find here and a copy of the message you will receive to your mail box. An instant chat with your collaborators is possible from here.

My reviews

If you want to find out how others rated you, check "my reviews", or rate others and share your collaboration experiences on the platform. If you receive a review we will inform you via email. Curious who reviewed you? Log in, go to Networking, click my reviews and find out how other companies or clients think about you or your company. NOTE: we assume that the assessment of each other is based on a fair viewpoint, real time experiences and for sharing the review with other users based on honesty. Abusing the review system can result in getting permanently banned.

Collaboration alert

The collaboration alert can be seen as a useful tool for agents, private sellers or property finders who are urgently looking for a property or urgently looking for a collaboration. Share a client or a property within just some clicks. Especially in Spain where currently more than 30% of all closed deals in real estate have been established via collaboration between two or even more agents. The "collaboration alert" can help you to increase your sales, interact faster, create unlimited business opportunities and in the end to earn more money. More tips about networking? Click here: HOW TO EARN MORE MONEY

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