Property XML Feed

Property Feed Specification v 3.0

XML Feed

Interhomes Online advertisers can upload their XML from their dashboard. Sign up, log in, choose a suitable package and you are ready to upload your feed. In "my listing" you can upload your XML feed without any assistance needed from our end. Your XML feed will be fully automated and keeps all your properties on the portal up to date and synchronized with listing agencies' real estate software. The sample feed and XSD schema can be downloaded below. The XSD file contains comments explaining the file structure.

Feed Processing

Although we accept most third part V 3.0 feeds, we have our own format to avoid any issues and guarantee successful uploading. The XML feed must validate against the XSD schema file. Failed validation will prevent the import from starting, or some of your properties will be uploaded but marked as in-active. Those in-active properties will require editing to become active. To stay automatically connected and fully up to date with your feed you need to log in, go to "my listings", open "XML listings" and click the re-import function (we advice you to do this ones or twice per week). All the images are getting downloaded to our servers and the website serves them from there. We record the download URL of every image and re-download them only after URL change. Please make sure the image URLs contain last updated timestamps or file checksum in case it is possible for the images to change with no change in the URL. If your XML feed is not uploading at all, than share the below restrictions with your ICT department to update your feed against our values. In addition we are also able to convert your XML feed for an initial payment of 25 euro.


Fast uploading your XML!