InterHomes Online – why it is a unique property portal!?

02nd Dec 2017 77649 Views

InterHomes Online – why it is a unique property portal!?


Don’t you think that property portals have changed customer behavior in terms of finding most suitable accommodation? I am sure, that when most of you want to find rental properties, you visit portal such as Airbnb or Booking at first, and in most of the cases you don’t go further looking in Google or somewhere else, just because these portals have many offers from different agencies/private sellers advertised in one place and you end up with your decision staying on just one website! The Game is changed, and InterHomes Online is changing it again!

But what it is for real estate agencies or private sellers? Receiving inquiries about the advertised properties is the key success factor which leads to selling or renting out a property. BUT at the same time, InterHomes Online investigated this question and made a survey among the agencies using portals, and find out that most of them are not satisfied with the three things: they pay too much, inquiries in most of the cases are from people who are not serious about buying/renting, and there is no communication between all the real estate agencies in the database. These problems agencies are facing inspired the idea of InterHomes Online!

Our concept is unique and modern bringing a new vision for the real estate agencies! There are 2 essential things agencies can experience by using InterHomes Online only:

  1. Advertising opportunities: only on our portal, agencies can work on their digital marketing strategies within the portal. An opportunity of optimizing off-page and on-page SEO for free! Agencies can analyze or buy competitive keywords to optimize ranking in search engines, as well as the name of the property listed is a part of URL, which makes it even more SEO friendly! In the upcoming year, we will offer more wide range of advertising, making special social media promotions with the aim of increasing brand awareness for agencies, we will go to advertise properties in the exhibitions, magazines etc., and that’s only half of why it makes InterHomes Online uncompetitive!
  2. Networking opportunities: in Spain 30% of all real estate deals are made because of the collaboration, where one agency has the property and another agency has the client or the opposite way. For example, agency in Britain has a customer who wants to buy a house in Spain, therefore using InterHomes Online British agency can create a collaboration alert filling up a form putting all the information about customer desires, and system will sort out the alert and send it only to those Spanish agencies who have properties based on the British customer preferences! This easy tool linking together many agencies for the collaborations which make them sell much more.

The only challenge we are facing promoting values of our portal is that agencies are not used to do that before and it is hard to change someone’s mentality of doing business, but once agency understand how it works, they get many benefits in return. And till now, all the customers who are using our portal are happy staying with us and leave positive feedbacks about services we provide. But for those agencies who are afraid to try something new and use our portal I want to quote Peter Drucker ”efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”.

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InterHomes Online - why it is a unique property portal!?

InterHomes Online - why it is a unique property portal!?   Don't you think that property po


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