Advertise your property – Tips how to sell your property

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Do you own real estate and you are planning to sell? Then reading this topic could be valuable. We will explain to you how to advertise your home smart, how to advertise your property and will give you some tips to improve your marketing outcome when it comes to selling real estate in Spain.

In Spain, if you own a property and want to sell, you have 2 options. Choose a real estate company or try to sell your property yourself. In some cases, you can combine the two. Choosing a real estate company is easy, safe and riskfree. It will cost you nothing until the deal is closed and the agency found a potential buyer. Normally real estate agencies calculate 5% plus IVA on top from the agreed sale price. Take this into consideration when you choose to sell your property via a broker. I also recommend discussing the agent’s commission when you will agree on a lower offer made by the agent’s client. If you want to find out a list of the most trustful Spanish estate agents check here a complete overview:  Yellow pages of the best Spanish realtorsWhen you enter the yellow pages’ website you need to sign up, log in and visit the networking platform. There you will find over more than 3000 Spanish agencies. 

If you decide to sell your property yourself, you need to find a selection of websites where to promote your property on. Saving on 5% real estate agents fee makes a common sense. Most buyers using real estate agencies are aware of the fact that they see a price online which is minimum 5% more expensive. In most cases, the buyer will negotiate the price down. We would advise every property seller to go for both options. Choose a real estate agent, make sure you discuss with the agency involved the minimum price where you will sell it for and the commission you pay. If you decide to sell your property private, whilst having it for sale with agencies, make sure you use everywhere online the same selling price. Don’t make the mistake to offer your property 5% cheaper if you advertise your property yourself.

Selling your property yourself in Spain is easy. There are many portals on the market where you can advert your property for a certain amount per month. A good online marketing by yourself will cost you normally about 2000 euro. Take a timeline of about 12 months. Choose a portal with international reach and where you can optimize your on-page SEO. We found Interhomes Online as one of those portals with all tools needed. and advertising for 1 year with a Gold pack cost you instead 2000 euro only 360 euro. For this amount, your property will be also exposed in magazines and on property exhibitions, with a no inquiry money back guaranty. Besides this investment, you will have enough money left to advertise on other websites or promote your property on social media.

On Interhomes Online you can advert with a Gold subscription pack up to 7 portal websites. Not only they offer the first 3 months FREE, but they offer you the possibility to optimize, add and manage on-page SEO yourself. You can expose your property to the global market, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian and British market. Selling your property yourself has never been so easy. From the moment you pay, they offer you a no inquiry money back guaranty. So property sellers in Spain, get yourself listed to Interhomes Online.

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Advertise your property - Tips how to sell your property

Do you own real estate and you are planning to sell? Then reading this topic could be valuable. We w

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