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Selling property in Spain? Get instantly international clients for all your listed Spanish properties. Advertising is available for beginner or advanced agents & private advertisers*. As a new customer you benefit from our 3 months FREE trial and if you haven't received any enquiries during those 3 months, than we extend your free trial with another month until you start receiving leads. Have you sold within those 3 months? Than it did not even cost you a Penny!! Isn't that awesome? For a fast sign up: CLICK HERE.

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*Note: As a private advertiser you are limited to only uploading properties for sale and long term rent. Registered agents and real estate related companies are allowed to upload properties for sale, long-term and holiday lets. Read our TERMS, POINT H CUSTOMERS OBLIGATIONS, carefully before signing up as a private advertiser.

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Fill in all relevant information about you or your company. Quick tips: people love to see with who they are dealing with, so don't forget to upload your photo. You can review others on the platform and they can review you back, so do your best to be likable.

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Upload properties manual or via XML. Read here more about how to UPLOAD OR CONVERT YOUR XML FEED Your property listing in the virtual world is your online business card. The property page has been designed to function as a micro-website, including most important and valuable property information, statistics and an instant share with other social media platforms.

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We have integrated on-page SEO tools to give your properties an extra boost for search engines. From your dashboard you can go to, "my listings" and add yourself HTML codes such as H1, H2, H3 header tags to the properties summary, a back-link to your own website or add meta description and meta keywords. Use these TIPS TO RANK YOUR LISTINGS ON GOOGLE PAGE 1

Riskfree all your properties on exhibitions

Taking part in property exhibitions cost a lot of time and money. Average you spend easily between 10.000 and 15.000 euro for 1 exhibition. Is this worth your investment? If you join as a single agency on one of the well-known international property exhibitions, you are most likely promoting your own listings in the area your agency is located. You can only be successful if you find visitors interesting to buy in your area. Otherwise, the whole investment was just a waste of money and time. If you advertise as our exclusive Gold Member* we promote your listings up to 3 exhibitions we visit during the year. We print 30.000 magazines to spread on those exhibitions and with a no lead money back guaranty. In 2018 we offer you a special Welcome 2018 price for 475,21 euro + IVA. (3 months advertising).

*Note: Our Gold packages are limited available. We allow a maximum of 100 agents, 2 to 3 agents for a certain area or city we promote as mentioned above. This means that your properties always enjoy exclusivity and stand in the spotlight. If you are interested in this Gold membership pack please take contact with us before signing up, as we need to check the availability for your area. The no lead money back guaranty values only after 12 months advertising with your gold pack and if you have not received the amount of inquiries per month or 3 months according to your subscription