Global marketing

Marketing 2.0

Cross-over marketing

Publish your Spanish properties on international and national markets. Interhomes Online is globally operating via the ".com" domain and present on 9 European markets via 7 portal websites. We are currently hard working to expand our markets during the year 2018 / 2019 from 10 to in total 18 markets adding the countries China, South-Africa, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, India and Portugal to our network. If you advertise with a Bronze, Silver or Gold pack than you have always access to the national SPANISH MARKET and the GlOBAL MARKET. If you are interested to target an extra market, just activate a subscription pack for that particular country.

Spider-web marketing

How does it work and how you benefit? If you are an estate company in Spain than Interhomes Online will target the Spanish property finders looking for Spanish properties via our Spanish website targeting local and national property finders in Spain. The same we do for Spanish property finders looking for properties on the 9 other markets we are covering. Simply explained; we market your properties national,international and you can choose one of the niche markets below if you would like to expand your marketing opportunities to unprecedented levels. Local, national and international property finders and all our property advertisers have now unlimited possibilities to find each other on multiple websites. We increase your online visibility up to 10 times more and generate the possibility to improve your business via using the networking platform on all our franchised partner portals. That's what we call marketing 2.0.

The 10 markets we are covering:

1. Globally: Interhomes Online Global Marketing covering the complete global market and the Global search engines Google World, Bing Global and Yahoo Global

2. Spain: Interhomes Online Spain covering the Spanish market including the Spanish search engines Google Spain, Bing Spain and Yahoo Spain

3. The United Kingdom: Interhomes Online UK for the British market covering the English search engines Google United Kingdom, Bing UK and Yahoo United Kingdom

4. The Netherlands and 5. Belgium: Interhomes Online NL and BE covering the Dutch and Belgium market including the Dutch and Belgium search engines Google NL and BE, Bing The Netherlands and Belgium and Dutch Yahoo Search Engine

6. Germany 7. Switzerland and 8. Austria: Interhomes Online Germany, Austria and Switzerland covering the German, Austrian and Swiss markets including their search engines Google Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bing Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Yahoo Germany, Austria and Switzerland

9. France: Interhomes Online France covering the French market including the French search engines Google France, Bing France and Yahoo France

10. Italy: Interhomes Online Italy covering the Italian market and the Italian search engines Google Italy, Bing Italy and Yahoo Italy

Interhomes Online is also present on social media where we have a fan-base of more than 250.000 followers. Find us on FACEBOOK GROUP WITH 140.000 MEMBERS , PINTEREST 1.000 + FOLLOWERS , INSTAGRAM 1.000 + FOLLOWERS , LINKED IN 300 + FOLLOWERS, FACEBOOK COMPANY PROFILE 70.000 + FOLLOWERS, TUMBLR BLOG, GOOGLE + 3.000 + FOLLOWERS, TWITTER 2.000 + FOLLOWERS or check out our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

The power of marketing!