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Increase your leads, receive more serious enquiries, close more deals, earn more money! Interhomes Online created a networking platform where real estate agents, private sellers, brokers, promoters, intermediaries, purchasing agents, investment companies, banks and affiliates can network and collaborate with each other. The networking profile page has several important functions which will improve your daily business. Let's have a closer look how networking can benefit your own business: The profile page includes a back-link to your own companies website. Search engines, such as Google love back-links and it will increase your own websites ranking. Another important function is that your companies profile page, including your companies info and all your listings, will be visible and findable for others on the platform. In find collaborators you are able to search per city, view the company information, review a company, view all properties or start an instant chat on the platform. Ones you start up a chat message, we will send the receiver an email. In that case you can follow up the conversation via mail, or you continue via instant chat on the platform. The basic foundation for networking on a higher level has been set.

Collaborate and Network

Interhomes Online asked experienced experts in the field to identify all struggling's real estate agencies are facing during working days. In Spain nowdays one out of every 3 deals closed in real estate have been accomplished by a collaboration between 2 or more agents. Being successful or not depends about how you use your network. Our experts mapped out two common struggles agents are facing on a daily bases and translated those into digital solutions. A collaboration is required when you have the client but not the suitable property or you have a property but not the client. Interhomes Online Networking can help you resolving those issues. Meanwhile you benefit for the same when other partners on the platform asking for your assistance; If you have a client in the need of a suitable property or an unique investment opportunity to share, use the collaboration alert and spread out your message or request via just a couple of clicks. Your alert will be received by all the partners on the platform, selected by you per city, area, region or country. Your collaborators will be in contact with you if they can assist and help you closing the deal faster. With Interhomes Online Networking you open doors for unlimited business opportunities. Without having properties uploaded networking is possible, but you need a valid subscription plan. FACTS: more than 2500 professional agents and real estate companies joined our networking platform over the past 3 years, we have more than 200.000 subscribers and social media followers, more than 50.000 properties for sale in Spain and attracting monthly more than 250.000 visitors to our website(s). You would be crazy not to join.

Read here more about networking in Real Estate by: JIM EISCHENS , a real estate professional with over two decades of experience in property management and business development.

Networking works!